Sanremo 2019 first evening

Sanremo 2019: The first evening of the festival on February 5

Identified the main candidates for winning the 2019 Sanremo festival

The main musical show in Italy – the festival Sanremo 2019 started on February 5th. This event is always the most anticipated and most discussed. and not only in Italy, but in the whole world.

Guest of the first night of the Sanremo 2019 festival was Andrea Bocelli, who sang his hit with Sanremo 1994 “Il mare calmo della sera” and then a new song “Fall on me” with a duet with his son Matteo, which reached the top lines of the charts in England and the USA.

Georgia became the second guest of the first evening of Sanremo 2019. She performed her famous song “Come saprei”, two new songs “Le tasche piene di sassi” and “Una storia importante”, as well as the famous “I will always love you” from the repertoire of Whitney Houston.

Watch the full version of the first evening of the Sanremo 2019 festival

The performance of the guests of the festival is always a pleasant moment, but the main intrigue of the competition is the performance of the participants and the distribution of votes. A very complex and changing almost every year method of counting votes cast for the participants of the festival does not allow evaluating candidates to win almost until the very end of the competition.

This year, the organizers of the show decided at the end of each evening to announce the results from only one of the members of the jury.
How will choose the winner Sanremo 2019?

The counting of votes after each of the five evenings of the festival will be held in four groups in different combinations.

Public Voting – collecting votes through the official mobile application and online voting.
Press jury – accredited journalists present at the event vote.
Demographic Voting is the vote of a specially selected group of fans and connoisseurs of Italian music from 300 people. They vote from home using a special application.
Expert jury – estimates from a special group of eight world music professionals

Accounting for votes as a percentage:

The first, second and third evening of the festival: 40% of the Public Voices; 30% of the Demographic Voting; 30% Press Jury
Fourth and Fifth Evening: 50% Public Voting; 30% Press Jury; 20% Expert Jury

The final points will be calculated taking into account the votes on the first three nights of the festival and the last two.

The results of the first evening were very unexpected. The largest number of votes received Loredana Berte. Ultimo, who was predicted to win the festival, closes the top eight of the participants of the first evening. Arisa has not yet been able to break into the top, but she is making up the eight “middling” evenings.

The final table of the results of the first evening of the Sanremo 2019 festival is as follows:


Sanremo 2019 TOP

Sanremo 2019 Middle


Sanremo 2019 Bottom

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