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Sanremo 2019 music festival is coming

The Sanremo 2019 music festival starts on February 5th and ends on February 9th.

Officially announced the start date of the 69th popular music festival Sanremo 2019. The festival starts on February 5th and ends on February 9th. The venue of the main music contest in Italy will remain the same – this is the concert hall of the famous hotel Ariston.

As usual the annual musical event is broadcast on the channel of the Italian television and radio company RAI and becomes the most rated. This year, at Sanremo 2019, we will see several pleasant changes in the festival regulations. The number of participants in the Big category (venerable groups and performers) will increase from 20 to 24 participants. In addition, all participants in this category, even those who did not manage to score enough points, will perform in the final of the festival on February 9th.

The decision to exclude the category of newcomers (Nuove Proposte) from the festival regulations became quite unexpected. Now Sanremo Giovanni, which has traditionally been held at the end of December for many years now, will become the main venue for the competition of young performers. Two winners of the youth version will be among the participants of the main festival. This time they were Einar and Mahmood. And two more participants are the main stars of last year’s festival, the participants of Nuovo Proposte are the winner of the Ultimo category and the second place holder is Irama.

The full list of participants of the Sanremo festival and their competition songs have already been announced:

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